Ivy Monae

Female Emcee

Picture a haystack of female MC’s along the East Coast in an industry dominated by males. If you were to discover a needle amongst it, then you would prick yourself in the Carolina region. There lies a sexy and lyrically serious female emcee who has dominated every stage she has stepped on. Meet Ivy Monae.

Ebony “Ivy Monae” Youngs’ ability to combine a variety of lyrical delivery and create both original and remixed music that people from all walks of life can relate to, is undoubtedly what separates her from other artists. She was crowned Best New Hip Hop Artist at the 2014 Carolina Music Awards and she did this all by demonstrating her raw talent through hard work– no modeling needed. Her fan base is always there, whether in person on online and whom she thanks for boosting her talents into the industry limelight.

Out of nowhere her talent increased her fanbase, which are known as the “Team Ivy League”. Ivy Monae did this with her team in a short time through viral marketing and touring with her team. Her top influences include Lil’ Kim, Biggie, and MC Lyte, which you will see at any of her live performances. Many ask and yes, she writes her bars and the emotion behind her words are that of a true hip hop representative. Ivy Monae is a woman who is determined to make her mark in the hip hop industry and will not stop until she does.


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