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Gerald Robinson & Lex Taylor founded Valiant Entertainment Sports Management.
Valiant Entertainment Sports Management is a Full-service talent management, music, model, sports company. We represent diverse talent that is multitalented that are capable of being global icons, & have sustainable careers.

We also provide consultation for talent in areas that include music production, publicity, touring, marketing & promotions, & brand management. We also provide industry standard services that are equal to any Major Label but at affordable rates.

Gerald Robinson

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Lex Taylor


Tia Hart

Known for bringing creative writing, graphic design, and social media savviness into any project, 31-years old Tia Hart is more than her titles. In fact, her job title is only the mere nutshell of her many talents. Hart’s distinct process of developing a clients’ brand relations to the public involves leadership communication skills and creative marketing tactics; both with one common goal to attract potential customers, consumers, and fans.

With over 15 years experience of internet marketing, advertising, and promotion, Tia Hart’s interest in connecting consumers through visuals started with computer design and writing projects in Elementary School and continued throughout her grade school life. Being a daughter of Navy parents moved her around the world and often changing schools every grade year. This enriched her with the skills to adapt to new environments and communicate effectively. One highlight of her passion was at the age of 12 when she first produced a 30-minute entertainment news show for her entire middle school. She was then asked to create one on a monthly basis and it was at this point, she discovered a new admiration in connecting people with information through design and the internet. From then on, Hart would teach herself everything she could by access to the world wide web.

Hart’s primary work environment is within the Music & Film Industry and succeeded within her last corporate position as a store manager with Blockbuster, LLC. However, her freelancing first started in early 2003, with her most favorable position, as a Product Distribution Representative for Rocafella Records on the Rocafella Street Team. Around this same time, she would become the Chief Copy Editor for her High School’s Yearbook, which brought back her love for advertisement and design.

In 2009, Tia Hart started her journey outside of product distribution and event planning to become a now heavily respected and trusted online promoter and digital Publicist for Hip Hop artists, R&B artists, DJ’s & Producers. In 2015, she founded iiDigital Media Company which provides artists a one-stop avenue for organizing their web presence and marketing their music. In between working with their individual brands, she has contributed writings for various entertainment websites and blogs as well as managed the PR for select musicians. Over the past 4 years, Hart has also provided creative marketing and social media management for several small businesses. One of her unique services is providing marketing and advertising consultant for artists digital releases as a Certified Digital Marketer and Digital Streaming Advertiser with Tia Cheri Media & PR.


Shae Foote

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York; America’s melting pot, Shae Foote has quite an incite on culture, music and the arts. Spending equal parts of her life traveling from New York to North Carolina, diversity has always been a part of who she is and what she creates in her business.

Known respectfully as an autodidact in the promotion, marketing, public relations and artist development, Shae Foote has controlled the Southeast independent music scene by storm. Clients include 5-time award winning North Carolina artist Derty Den and former KonLive (Akon’s Konvict Music) singer and actor Ray Lavender. Expanding her talents to publications, her work can be seen in NY based I Got Next Magazine. Which highlights the upcoming artist who is entertaining mainstream headlines. Check out her interview with NY’s own lyricist Freddie Gibbs and Love and Hip-Hop’s Lore’l.

Shae’s objective is to prepare or edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences, including press releases, newsletters, and monthly reports. Constantly responding to requests for information from the media or designate another appropriate spokesperson or information source.

One of her great assets to this field is her ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of the community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups. She plans and directs development and communication of informational programs to maintain favorable public perceptions of a client’s accomplishments and agenda.